HailMasterPlus subscription pricing

The main AI solution developed and offered by SOFT EDGE today is the HailMasterPlus Application, an innovative tool that uses augmented reality and computer vision to precisely detect and measure the damaged area with dents left on a car by the hail.


In exchange for use of and access to the PRO functionality in App, Customer agrees to pay SOFT EDGE the monthly fees per unique installation of App (the “Fees”) set forth on our pricing page, without offset or deduction, in accordance with Licence Agreement. From time to time, we may increase our Fees by providing Customer not less than 30 days’ notice prior to the date on which the Fee increase is scheduled to begin. Fees are due each period selected in the subscription package by the user in advance. SOFT EDGE using Apple AppStore Subscription functionality and services for charging, Customer authorizes to charge the credit card (or other electronic payment methods) on file with Customer’s account for all Fees. Fees are payable in EURO and are exclusive of applicable sales, excise, use or similar taxes. Fees may be localized by Apple Appstore to the local country currency with all taxes and additional fees. Customer shall pay all such taxes directly or to Apple AppStore, as required by applicable law. We do not provide refunds. Should Customer not pay any amount when due, SOFT EDGE may (at its discretion and in addition to other remedies it may have) suspend Customer’s access to the PRO Services until such amounts are paid in full, until that moment App will switch to “Free” mode.

Starting - $48.99 / 1 Month

Monthly Subscription

Seasonal - $139.99 / 3 months

3 months at $46.66/mo. You save 5%

Master - $259.99 / 6 months

6 months at $43.33/mo. You save 12%

Expert - $499.99 / 1 year

1 year at $41.67/mo. You save 15%

Free version

If Customer decides to use an app in Free Mode, SOFT EDGE will make the Service available on free of charge (“Free Mode”) with limited functionality and HailMasterPlus logos watermarks in reports until the start date of any paid subscription to the Service. By limited functionality SOFT EDGE means limiting the number of scans to 20(twenty) in a calendar month and also limiting the number of cases that customer is able to create up to 5(five) in a calendar month. In addition to the disclaimers of warranty set out in this Agreement, Customer expressly acknowledges and agrees that all use of any Free Mode is at Customer’s sole risk.

Hailmaster Plus Free vs Pro

Video Tutorials

If you are interested in details and you want to know more about how to use aplication - you can check our Video Tutorials or visit our Hailmaster channel on YouTube.

Pitch Deck for this solution in PDF format