Mobile applications and web services development

SOFT EDGE offers several innovative solutions as mobile applications and web services which are based on Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning:

Technology Stack

The architecture of our products is carefully developed in order to include the most efficient elements to make them work for your business needs:

  • + Starting from deep analysis of business needs, consumes aspects we are developing excellent UI/UX prototypes with particular focus on the most efficient and secure integration architecture development for data management and access.
  • + Having spent a while on investigating the most recent approaches to resolving this issue and testing our tool, we have elaborated the most efficient solutions that showed impressive results even in the most difficult hail damage identification cases due to the use of SVM (support vector machine), gabor wavelets, and data mining algorithms such as kmeans and dbscan.
  • + Our experience allows us to run the projects from scratch in widely different areas: from Linux Kernel driver to pixelperfect interfaces for retina displays.
  • + Our solutions are ready to integrate with estimation, case management, CRM and DMS systems.



You can find more information on our products here: