R&D, IT Consulting

Due to our solid experience in developing multi-functional web solutions based on Computer Vision, AR, AI, and ML technologies, we can help your business with Research & Development at all stages of your product or services development.

Do not hesitate to contact us for the advice even at the very early stages when you just have an idea but are not sure if it is possible to implement. We will collect information and research your idea with regards to your current business needs to convert this information into a valuable concept further supported at the stages of solution development, technologies stack architecture elaboration, and implementation process.

Our proactive and creative approach combined to the network of trustworthy field expert partners in different spheres allows us ensuring that you will receive the most relevant and efficient consultancy to meet your business goals.

In 2018, SOFT EDGE was selected to become one of the three startup partners of Belron, the UK-based globally leading vehicle glass repair and replacement group, within Drive Startup Accelerator to help the company transforming the vehicle body damage market by automating the hail damage detection and measurement process by the solutions SOFT EDGE develops. The hail detecting app developed by SOFT EDGE was successfully tested by Belron to prove it had potential to reduce both the time and cost needed to assess the rain hail damage of a car in just several simple steps.

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Additionally Automatization, IoT (Internet of Things) solutions based on Arduino, MQTT, LoRaWAN and many more …