Solutions based on Artificial Intelligence

The main AI solution developed and offer by SOFT EDGE today is the HailMaster Application, an innovative tool that uses augmented reality and computer vision to precisely detect and measure the damaged area with dents left on a car by the hail.


While more than half of such car inspection measurements in Europe are still effectuated manually, you can just install the application, take a photo of the damaged area, and wait less than minute while the HailMaster does all the work for you.

The given solution is grounded on the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, which enjoy the momentum of high demand and rapid development. AI for mobile devices has received a particularly powerful push for advancement recently with Apple having presented its Machine Learning framework called Core ML for the developers. Hence, we see a huge potential of the technologies like HailMaster Application for damage capturing by the use of computer vision not only in automotive industry but also in other businesses where the prompt and efficient defects’ and distinct differences’ recognition may be of demand.

Having spent a while on investigating the most recent approaches to resolving this issue and testing our tool, we have elaborated the most efficient solutions that showed impressive results even in the most difficult hail damage identification cases due to the use of SVM (support vector machine), gabor wavelets, and and neuron networks such as CNN (convolutional neural networks).

The update version is already being tested by our team and proves the successful integration of the latest Machine Learning algorithms and the collected hail damage data. So, the Public Beta version will be available soon for the broader trial, while we will be continuing our research to share the results with you. In case you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us.

The solution was successfully presented at the Automechanika International Trade Fair 2016 in Frankfurt and has heightened the interest of the Hail Dents Repair professionals.

In 2018, SOFT EDGE was selected to become one of the three startup partners of Belron, the UK-based globally leading vehicle glass repair and replacement group, within Drive Startup Accelerator to help the company transforming the vehicle body damage market by automating the hail damage detection and measurement process by the solutions SOFT EDGE develops.

In 2020 developed a completely new version of the recognition algorithm, which is based solely on the neural networks and novel findings in the AI area. It shows even better detection results and performance, especially in poor lighting conditions and/or inconvenient painting colors. Detection on iphoneX for 4k picture takes only about 5 sec and finds 95+% of all dents.