Tailored solutions for your business

SOFT EDGE offers full software product development lifecycle along with industry-leading best practices in project and service management. We only participate in projects we are passionate about and can guarantee high quality outcomes. SOFT EDGE also provides IT Consulting services to keep your business up.

Our approach to executing a project is highly iterative. We recommend a short development and deployment cycles. We adhere to the principles of “building often and shipping often.” This approach allows us delivering a working version of the product quickly to the market to immediately sense the ROI, and then repeat and polish to add more feature sets. It also allows us approach also helps us getting the feedback from the clients on usability of the site to make the relevant changes and improvements at an early stage if necessary.

+ Our ambitions for 2019-2020 include the plans to expand our presence into the new markets such as Belgium, Australia, and Spain what is reflected on the Roadmap you could check by clicking on image below:

What we offer

  • + Starting from proactive and deep analysis of business needs and project requirements, consumes aspects we are developing excellent UI/UX prototypes with most efficient and secure architecture for data management and access.
  • + We resort to the best practice and the most recent innovative market solutions to develop our initial offer and then improve and upgrade it based on the specific customer’s needs.
  • + We connect to AI and AR section hyperlinks and use metadata to rule all our decisions and project developments.


SE solutions

Our Team

SOFT EDGE is driven by highly talented software engineers, designers and project managers. We strive to offer more than just technology services. We are out-of-the-box thinkers who truly enjoy perfecting our craft and today we can proudly say that our team members own multiple patents in the field of Software development and IT technologies.

Our experience allows us to run the projects from scratch in widely different areas: from Linux Kernel driver to pixelperfect interfaces for retina displays.