HailMasterPRO advanced app for PDR professionals

The main AI solution developed and offered by SOFT EDGE today is the HailMaster Application, an innovative tool that uses augmented reality and computer vision to precisely detect and measure the damaged area with dents left on a car by the hail.


We have recently developed a completely new version of the recognition algorithm, which is based solely on the neural networks and novel findings in the AI area. It shows even better detection results and performance, especially in poor lighting conditions and/or inconvenient painting colors. Detection on iphoneX for 4k picture takes only about 5 sec and finds 95+% of all dents. Algorythm is able to find even small and barely visible dents, it supports different sizes and proportions of the dents. Also, all types of dent mirrors are supported with different bands steps and orientation.

PRO version will include new recognition algorythms and possibility to change the design of PDF reports and additional improvements in the future for PDR professionals. Switch PRO functionality you can in application by subscribing to one of the offered subscription packages, more details you can find on AppStore pricing page or our pricing details

Hailmaster Plus Free vs Pro


HailMasterPlus accessories for PDR professionals

We are happy to offer screens and sets of accessories that will help you to work with HailMasterPlus applications family. More information about our offer you can find on our page with accessories.

Video Tutorials

If you are interested in details and you want to know more about how to use apŠ·lication - you can check our Video Tutorials or visit our Hailmaster channel on YouTube.

Pitch Deck for this solution in PDF format